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In a manufacturing facility is it important that the production process works as efficiently as possible. The process must be effective in terms of time, money and ideally the environment. There's a lot you can do to optimize production, but one easy measure is to check the machine accessories. So please take a few minutes to read this.

Small details make a big difference
Conveyor belts are often used in a production facility in order to move material and products from one place to another. Wear strips and guides act as a slider belt and support for the conveyor belt. There are many benefits from making sure that these accessories are in perfect working order. Reduce wear on your belt, increase production efficiency

Wear strips and guides can increase the service life of your conveyor belt – the wear strips and guides are worn down rather than the belt itself. You won't need to replace the conveyor belt as often so you will save on operating costs (wear strips and guides cost much less than conveyor belts). Upgrading the machines also means you save a considerable amount on electricity and protect the environment – because less force is needed to run the system.

At Habasit we know all there is to know about wear strips and guides.
We call our solution HabiPLAST®.

Improve conveyor belt performance and reduce maintenance HabiPLAST® is the best solution for you if you want to improve the performance and reduce the maintenance of your conveyor belt. Our products consist of extruded profiles, machined profiles, guides and associated metal profiles. The range is specially designed to work with product groups like toothed belts, chains, plastic modular belts and webbed belts. HabiPLAST® can be used in many industries: printing, packaging, food and drink, paper, pharmaceuticals, glass, chemicals and mechanical engineering.

So what is it that makes HabiPLAST® so special? HabiPLAST® is made of high molecular weight polyethylene as standard. Unlike our competitors, which often make their corresponding products of PE500, HabiPLAST® uses PE4000. High molecular weight polyethylene is characterised by excellent wear properties, low friction, and high abrasion resistance. HabiPLAST® therefore offers many benefits.

Benefits of HabiPLAST®

Looking for an easy way to optimise the reliability of your facility? Does it make sense that small details make a big difference? Get in touch! Do you need custom-made wear strips or guides? No problem. We also make profiles based on your drawings, in a material of your choice.

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