Dear reader,

together with our customers we made a successful year 2016. Several interesting projects were implemented.

Our competent distribution partners are playing an important role in the success.

On page 4 and 5 you can learn more about our distribution partner EMC in Skåne.

Ever thought about using timing belts? On page 3 you can learn more about our extensive range of HabaSYNC® timing belt covers solving a lot of problems in a wide range of applications.

Conveyor and power transmission belts from Habasit are used in many different applications. – Or would you have thought that you could not withdraw cash from an ATM without our belts? On page 10 we show how Habasit brings you cash.

The industry focus on page 6 is dedicated to wood processing, in particular the production of particle boards. In this process belts play a crucial role – forming the boards to their shape.

Our expert knowledge on products and applications is now available online. In the expert blog our professional experience and knowledge are compiled where you can access them 24 hours a day. Access our expert blog under the link:

Together with our team we wish you a happy new year and look forward to our successful partnership in 2017.

Enjoy reading the Highlights magazine,

Johan Tisell
Business Development Manager
Johan Tisell


Edition 1/2017

Highlights is published three times a year in English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Dutch, Chinese and Japanese.

Circulation: 21,000

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Editor-in-chief: Sonja Strimitzer

Editorial team: Jeroen van der Bijl (JB), Shelby Stuart (ST), Clara Wimmer (CW)

Translation service: Justyna Ziębka


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