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social media is becoming more and more important for customers who like to be up-to-date with new developments and other industrial information. In order to fulfill this need; Habasit introduced new social media sites in Sweden, Denmark and Norway that are updated each week with local content. Read more about it on page 3.

Many food producers are experiencing new hygienic features with the monolithic Habasit Cleandrive™ belts. On page 4 you can read about the increased hygiene and food safety you can expect by using Habasit Cleandrive™.

Have you ever heard the term “people mover”? Find out on page 6 in which particular industry these particular applications are essential for a smooth and continuous production process.

The future of logistics in the light of increased digitalization and the importance of engagement in the local community are just two of the topics we talked about in the interview with the German OEM customer Lippert GmbH on page 8.

Extended belt lifetime, reduced water consumption and lower energy expenses – check out on page 10 how choosing the optimum belt can result in substantial savings.

Finally, on page 11 we will introduce you to an exceptional use where fabric belt material gives wood desks a functional and stylish touch.

We wish you a happy new year and look forward to our successful partnership in 2018.

Enjoy reading the Highlights magazine,

Johan Tisell
Business Development Manager
Johan Tisell


Edition 01/2018

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