The making of a very modern history

Situated in the small German town of Pressath in Northern Bavaria, there is a logistics company who has been making its own style of history for the past 65 years. The family-run operation has three generations of business behind the name, yet there is nothing old-fashioned about Lippert GmbH & Co. KG. Specializing in customized automation, engineering services, as well as conveying and sorting systems, Lippert provides cutting-edge support from design to installation and everything in-between.

“A risk is always a challenge,” says the Head of Digitalization, Dr. Steffen Hamm, “so we are always happy to find new solutions.”

Habasit and Lippert have shared a dynamic partnership for more than twenty years now and it is a relationship built on their mutually innovative approach. Although each company has deeply rooted family values, they have both branched out over the years to develop a broad international presence. Lippert serves customers in over forty countries and more than 50% of their products are exported outside of Germany.

Homegrown success

Lippert is a unique company in that they are as passionately local as they are global. Although the region is rapidly developing, Pressath is home to little more than 4,000 residents making Lippert by far the largest employer in town. They don’t take this responsibility lightly and are actively engaged in the community.

Just around the corner from their facility, about 15 kilometers away, Lippert has developed a rewarding partnership with the University of Applied Sciences. Many students have the possibility of doing internships at Lippert which often lead to full-time jobs upon graduation. This opens doors for young and ambitious professionals who might not otherwise have the prospect of finding a promising job in their hometown.

On the other hand, Lippert is pleased to welcome some of the brightest minds in the field at the beginning of their career. Employees have even worked with interns to oversee their Master`s or Bachelor`s theses. It is a rare opportunity for students to be able to immediately recognize the practical implications of their scholastic research and how it might pave a way for the future.

Lippert believes that collaboration is at the core of their business practice. They understand that when it comes to knowledge and development, success is contagious and that is why Lippert not only works closely with a number of universities to stay up-to-date with the latest advances in the field, but they also embark on research and development projects with other scientific partners and companies in the region.

The opportunity to take part

The company`s community-oriented approach at a global and local level is also a strong influence within the atmosphere of Lippert`s 250 employees.

“You know all the colleagues by name,” explains Thomas Kastner, the company’s Deputy Head of Sales for Automatization and Conveying Applications. “There is a good sense of teamwork.”

Lippert`s size and structure allows employees to have a keen sense of ownership in their work. The scope is never limited to just one department, because each person can recognize how their efforts are advancing the company as a whole.

“What you do always has a direct consequence,” says Dr. Hamm, “So you have the possibility to contribute toward the company`s success and development. More responsibility means more opportunity.”

Opening doors to the future

Lippert`s commitment to collaboration at every level makes them more equipped than most to succeed in the ever-fluctuating field of logistics which is becoming an increasingly decentralized industry. For many of the major logistics companies, it is a constant challenge to cope with the growing number of parcels which must be delivered with unerring speed and efficiency. Although this current process is mostly a manual one, Lippert is looking for ways to further utilize automation and conveyor systems in last-mile solutions. These are solutions for the final steps that parcels have to undergo on their way from the logistics center to the recipients.

“The logistics market is always under construction,” explains Dr. Hamm. “New solutions inevitably disrupt old business methods.”

Since Lippert is in the habit of engaging with the very latest discoveries in the industry, change is not a challenge they shy away from. Rather than simply being a product or components provider, Lippert offers complete and state-of-the-art solutions which are relevant within the rapid transformations of the market.

Partnered for success

Lippert has already installed several hundred sorting systems around the world but their dedication to innovation and collaboration continues. Habasit remains their first recommendation to customers and their top choice as a supplier. It is a partnership with the strength and the scope to build toward the future together.

A risk is always a challenge, and these are two companies who are always up to the task. (ST)

Sonja StrimitzerMarketing

The making of a very modern history

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