With the bite of a biscuit

Mondelēz in France realizes substantial savings through extended belt lifetime and waste reduction by changing to a Habasit rotary molder belt

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and usually the most neglected. If not skipped altogether, it is often supplemented with sugary breakfast cereals which leave anyone hungry after an hour – a short spurt of energy before one is lagging again behind the day, but what if you could have energy for three times that long with just a couple of bites of a biscuit?

Seeing just how long a nutritious breakfast can last you was the motivation behind the creation of Belvita Breakfast Biscuits, sold by Mondelēz International, Inc., a global snack company which holds the No. 1 position in biscuit production worldwide. With flavors ranging from Toasted Coconut to Oats and Peanut Butter and Banana Bread, this convenient and crunchy treat is specially baked to steadily release nutrition throughout the morning, providing energy for up to four hours after the first meal of the day.

How long is a lifetime?

Having successfully introduced a biscuit with long-lasting energy, Mondelēz became interested in how to extend the lifetime of the belts that produced them. In one of the company’s main manufacturing sites in France, Mondelēz was dissatisfied with the performance of the rotary molder belts supplied by another belting provider. After only six weeks of use, the belts became brittle from the absorption of moisture and the fat from the dough. In addition to the high costs of such frequent replacements, the company also had to pay water and energy expenses due to the necessity of steam for the cleaning of the cotton belts.

In December 2016, Mondelēz was ready for a change. Looking for a belt as long-lasting as their biscuits, they contacted us at Habasit. We quickly provided a custom-made solution. The results exceeded even Mondelēz’s most optimistic lifetime expectation.

Lasting Success

The HRM-200 CPLP rotary molder belt made of cotton, polyamide and linen was installed. We were already well-aware that this resilient weave would provide longstanding wear resistance, as well as lateral stability, but not even we realized just how much of a difference it would make for Mondelēz. The lifetime of the belts in biscuit production immediately more than doubled from a mere six to sixteen weeks. On top of this staggering success, water and energy costs plummeted. Rather than using steam, a simple scraper was sufficient for the cleaning of the belts. The excess dough, which was scraped away, could be reintegrated into the fresh batch without having absorbed any excess moisture from the steam. The reduction of dough waste alone will result in substantial savings for the company.

Success is contagious, especially when it is long-lasting. Mondelēz has been so pleased with the performance of the Habasit belts that they are now looking to install them at other production sites around the globe in anticipation of further savings.

A small change can make a big difference. According to research, even just eating breakfast can improve concentration, enhance the nutrition of your diet and balance your weight. All this can happen with a bite of a biscuit. (ST)

Alexandre GaillouKey Account Manager

For detailed information regarding these special belts for the extraction of biscuits please check out our rotary molder belts brochure (no. 4388): www.habasit.com/en/download.htm

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