New Beginnings
Habasit follows a local tradition of renewal and renovation

The ability to start-over, and the willingness to not only renovate, but to recreate, is a key element to a city surviving the test of time. In northern Sweden, it is this kind of resilience which has contributed to the making of Sundsvall, a city which was first chartered in 1621 and has been burned down and rebuilt four times since. Much of the country`s export value originates from region and it has been an important center for the forestry industry since the early 20th century. It remains a hub for the pulp and paper industry today.

Having already served the region through a distributor for several years, Habasit is now opening a new office and service point in Timrå, a locality just 13 kilometers north of Sundsvall. The region will enjoy more direct assistance and an ever-growing portfolio of Habasit belts, which are ideal for the industry sectors in the district. Expert engineers, as well as a knowledgeable sales team, will be on-hand for quick and convenient service. Owe Stenman has recently joined the company as Account Manager for the new location and he is looking forward to taking part in Habasit`s regional development which will mean widening opportunities for both new and existing customers.

Growing from the ground up

Wood and paper production are demanding industries and Habasit is well-equipped to meet the needs of the local customers with heavy duty, wear-resistant belts and durable machine tapes. The ability to be on-site and always available to find the best solution to any demand is what has always set Habasit apart and will continue to be an asset to customers at a global and local level.

Although Habasit will continue to build on existing relationships with local clients, Stenman is excited to also build from the ground up and see what new developments are possible. In a region that has a history of new beginnings, the Habasit team at Timrå believes they are in the right place at the right time for a fresh start. (ST)

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