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Habasit introduces the best thing since sliced bread for the baking industry

It doesn`t take long to recognize success and just six months after the introduction of the HabasitLINK®­ M0885 Micropitch Plastic Modular Belt, bakeries are already seeing the difference a product can make in creating a clean and efficient workspace. In a world of flying flour, broken eggs and dough that sticks like glue, this is no small feat.

Wherever there are breads or pastries to be baked, egg solution is just one sticky factor which can quickly become a nightmare to clean. The gooey proteins hide in the hidden crevices of the conveyor`s components and increase the risk of contamination. Dust a little flour on top and you have a momentous mess.

A hygiene recipe for success

The M0885 is well-equipped to meet the latest hygiene demands, while also providing a convenient alternative to the steel mesh belts which require strenuous and time-consuming cleaning methods. Straightforward access and sanitation are possible with the high exposure of all M0885 belt surfaces and a dynamic easy-to-clean open hinge. With lower water pressure required for cleaning, the product also improves ecological performance and reduces the risk of spreading bacteria to nearby equipment.

When in-depth cleaning or repair is necessary, the belt can be easily taken apart thanks to the Habasit Saniclip, which is mounted at two places along the belt. While the typical opening of a belt can take up to twenty minutes or more, the Habasit Saniclip disassembly can be done in a matter of seconds. With this simple and comprehensive tool, the belt can be quickly washed and inspected without any damage to the individual modules. The smooth surface of the device is ideal for buttery or egg caked environments and dramatically reduces downtime. This is essential in an industry where freshness and speed of delivery are everything.

Whether working with belt materials or biscuits, it can be a challenge to get the recipe just right, and that is why Habasit`s latest development for bakery production is a welcome change and an inspiring step forward for the industry. (ST)

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