Habasit is making the wood particle board industry more efficient

Particle board is a very common wood fibre product most commonly used in furniture and house constructions.

In line with the continuous increasing productivity, the process temperatures when making particle board is increasing. Temperatures up to 60 to 70°C are becoming more and more common.

In combination with the high humidity and chemicals used, the belts are having a hard life and need to be adapted to this environment. This is especially valid for the belt joint since it always is the weak point. But, the layer adhesion can also be a problem at the toughest applications.

Normally, Habasit is offering belts with hydrolysis and temperature resistant Polyurethane as top- and intermediate layer between the polyester fabrics. PVC can also be used on conveyors without nose bars and in lower temperatures.

However, in applications with the highest temperatures we have found that belts in Copolyester are performing best. Copolyester is highly heat-, chemical-, and abrasion-resistant.

To make it possible to increase the productivity to maximum with particle temperature at 70°C, Habasit have latterly offered the belt type PAP-12EIWD. Especially the Flexproof finger joint is offering long and safe lifetime with this belt.

Another benefit is the belt grip towards the fibres due to the drop-formed nubs on the belt surface. A second extra benefit is that rotating brushes are working very well instead of scrapers due to the release properties and the excellent abrasion resistance.

So, Habasit is in a very concrete way contributing to the furniture and house production efficiency to the benefit for consumers buying their new furniture or their new house!

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