Habasit Seamless and Grabber Belts

Since 1955 Habasit has led the industry in the production of seamless belts. Beginning with the patent of the Panther 400, Habasit has remained the leader through continuous improvement and investment in state of the art equipment. As the worldwide leader in the manufacture of flat belts, our commitment to maintain global leadership in endless belt technology is even stronger.

Grabber™ PLR belts are used as part of an extrusion line to "pull" various types of products through the production process. Extruded material that has been sized and cooled enters the puller through a set of guide rollers. Two opposing belts then move the extrudate through the puller. Tracking of the belt is critical, as side-to-side movement must be minimized. Rigid standards are maintained in the production of Grabber™ PLR belts to provide exceptional belt tracking performance.

In determining the cover material, it is important to consider the tendency of the extrudate to deform under pressure. Thin wall shapes and tubing easily deform. The gap between the belts is controlled in order to set the pressure of the belts on the extrudate. Lowering belt pressure and using a high friction cover such as Natural Rubber can improve product quality. Grabber™ PLR belts are ground to a precise thickness tolerance assuring uniform pulling force with no damage to the extruded shape. Cover materials are molded to the substrate belt with no splice or seam in the cover, providing excellent life and consistent performance.

Habasit seamless belts are used in numerous industries where precision is essential in achieving optimum performance. Our seamless belt portfolio consists of woven endless and knitted endless flat belts, as well as synchronous and non-synchronous endless substrates with a choice of covers. Drawing on our industry leading manufacturing process experience, we select the correct combination of material to guarantee the best performance and results for the application. Habasit’s unique capabilities ensure optimal design and reduced lifecycle costs, as well as a smooth and vibration-free operation, especially at high speeds.

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